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Do you want to learn magic?

The FVMC is community driven and wants to help new magicians learn the secrets of our art. The Fraser Valley Academy of Magic is our school of magic where experienced local professional magicians teach you the right way to perform!

Learning and performing magic is a great way to gain confidence, improve public speaking skills, and practice fine motor skills. It's suitable for all ages, and provides a fulfilling lifelong hobby. If you or someone you know is interested in learning magic and wanting to become part of the Fraser Valley Magic Circle, then starting out with the Academy is the way to go.

We offer:

*group classes for children (via the District of Mission)

*individual lessons in person or via video conference

*access to resources and coaching

Schools, libraries, community centres – are you interested in hosting a 4 hour, one day, 2 day or even a week long magic camp? Want something different? Then contact us and we will show you how to make your event shine bright!

Please contact for more information.

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